BIOSMART is a leading developer
and manufacturer of biometric systems
The BioSmart Quasar terminal is an advanced device for face identification.
Innovative solution for contactless identification by palm veins
Innovative solution for contactless identification by palm veins
About us
BIOSMART develops and manufactures biometric systems for identification by fingerprints, palm veins and face. BIOSMART has been out on the biometric systems market since 2006. Today we are a leading biometrics developer in Europe and one of the world leaders in the field. We have patented our palm vein scanner in EU and in the United States. The reliability of BioSmart devices is confirmed by European CE certificates and the Czech certificate for the IV class of safety. We are ISO-9001 certified as well. Since 2018, we have been out on the European market welcoming you to our office in Prague, Czech Republic. Today we ship our products to 20 countries around the globe, and our production site with high-end equipment and a certified testing laboratory takes up over 10,000 m2.

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BioSmart biometric systems work as part of ACS and Time & Attendance systems. The product line includes various types of devices: fingerprint, palm vein and face readers; terminals for work time tracking; terminals for organizing access control; controllers for a network access control system.