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New devices!

We are glad to present you new and powerful devices BioSmart Quasar 7 terminal, BioSmart KeyPass controller, BioSmart SMARTKEY reader.

BioSmart Quasar 7 Terminal

A new terminal for biometric identification by face and RFID cards in access control and management systems and time tracking. The BioSmart Quasar 7 face identification terminal was designed and created based on market requests.

Scope of application:

• Access control and management. The access control scenario may be implemented for any difficulty level of the controlled object, from a small office to a large manufacturing enterprise consisting of several buildings. Server-side identification is supported for large distributed objects. Various combinations of identifiers can be used for access control: faces, palm veins *optional, cards, smartphones, QR-codes

• Time tracking. Using of BioSmart Quasar 7 terminals and Biosmart-Studio v6 software, it is possible not only to control access to premises, but also automate time tracking of company’s employees.

Thanks to this function, it is possible to generate various reports, thereby reducing the burden on the company's HR department.

BioSmart KeyPass Controller

The modern and powerful BioSmart KeyPass controller is designed to organize an access control and management system and time tracking system based on BioSmart RFID readers, including third-party manufacturers connected via Wiegand or RS-485 (OSDP) interfaces. Locks, turnstiles, sensors and other actuators are connected to the inputs/outputs of the controller.

The KeyPass controller allows to organize a complex distributed network ACS using RFID cards.

Such ACS are successfully used in large enterprises with a complex perimeter system, a large number of employees with different access levels and a flow of visitors. In addition, the controller is easily integrated into the existing ACS based on RFID cards.

BioSmart SMARTKEY Reader

SMARTKEY is a stylish and modern version of the reader.

The reader case can be made in an individual design to match the color scheme of the brand or the room according to your request.

The device reads identifier codes (RFID cards or smartphones) and is used in conjunction with KeyPass controller, BioSmart UniPass Pro controller and other controllers. It works in conjunction with other devices as part of BioSmart ACS, as well as with any third-party controllers that support Wiegand or RS-485 (OSDP) interfaces. It is also suitable for time tracking.

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