The KeyPass controller is designed to organize a network access control system based on an RFID reader.

Thanks to the support of a wide range of interfaces (Ethernet, Wiegand, RS-485, USB 2.0), the controller can be easily integrated into third-party access control systems.

The controller has built-in relays, discrete inputs and outputs for connecting actuators (electric locks, turnstiles), sensors, buttons, etc.

Technical Specifications:

Processor: allwinner A40i-H

GPU: Mali400 MP2

Memory: 4GB, Flash

Maximum employee IDs stored on the controller: 100,000

Maximum number of events stored on the controller: 100 00

Host computer interface: Ethernet (IEEE 802.3u,100 BASE-TX)

Supported interfaces: Wiegand, RS-485 (OSDP), USB 2.0.

Number of inputs/outputs Wiegand: 4/2

Supported formats (bits) Wiegand: 26/32/34/37/40/42/48/64

Number of RS-485 interfaces: 2

Number of digital inputs/outputs: 12/12

Discrete input voltage: 5 V to 12 V

Electrical parameters of discrete outputs: DC 12 V 50 mA

Discrete output type: Open collector

Number of relays: 2

Electrical parameters of the relay: DC 24 V 7 A

Relay contact status: Normally open and normally closed

Controller power supply parameters: DC 12V 2A

Case material: Plastic, metal

Overall dimensions, mm: 181 x 126 x 59

Net weight: 250 g

Air temperature values ​​during operation: from -40°С to +50°С

Relative air humidity at 25°С: No more than 80%