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Innovative sensor BioSmart Thermoscan

The pandemic requires businesses to monitor the epidemiological situation very closely. Offices, retail spaces, and any manufacturing areas where people work must be safe for employees and visitors. The three pillars of this safety are disinfection, distance and thermometry.

We have developed the anti-COVID BioSmart Thermoscan for those who care about the health of their staff and guests.

BioSmart Thermoscan is a non-contact body temperature sensor. It connects to the identification device via USB and automatically transfers data to the access control system.
The new sensor is easy to install in a palm vein or a face ACS. BioSmart Thermoscan works perfectly in tandem with the popular PV-WTC and BioSmart Quasar terminals.
For the convenience of clients from different industries, we have released the sensor in two versions: BioSmart Thermoscan F - for measuring face temperature and BioSmart Thermoscan H - for measuring wrist temperature.

The sensor is very accurate, however, for it to work properly, one needs to follow the operating rules. BioSmart Thermoscan must be installed in a dry, heated room. So it is not suited for outdoor access points. Otherwise, there are almost no restrictions.
In addition, such a sensor is not officially considered a measuring instrument, so it does not require verification.

Detailed technical information can be accessed at in the Products section.