Controller BioSmart UniPass 3
Allows you to organize access control via palm veins and RFID cards using PalmJet biometric readers, WR-10 and third-party RFID card readers (when connected via Wiegand).
Any executive device (locks, turnstiles), as well as all kinds of sensors can be connected to the controller's inputs / outputs.
The maximum number of biometric templates stored on the controller is 300,000.
Maximum number of cards: 1,000,000.
Maximum number of events: 10,000,000.
Communication interface with the control computer: Ethernet.
Reader communication interface: Ethernet, PoE support for powering a reader.
Number of Wiegand I / O: 2/2
Number of inputs / outputs: 6/6
Number of on-board relays: 2
Temperature range: 0 to +50 ° C.
Power supply: 12V, 1.5A