Contactless palm vein reader PALMJET BOX-T
The PALMJET scanner is the first innovative complex solution for contactless identification via palm veins.

PALMJET can be equipped with a remote wrist temperature sensor. If a person with a body temperature above 36.8° C tries to enter the room, the sensor will work and automatically block access.

Wrist thermometry is considered one of the most reliable thermometry methods. It is more reliable than measuring facial temperature. The temperature sensor error is only 0.2 ° С.

  • Add-on plastic housing Integrated wrist thermal sensor
  • Operating modes: "palm", "card + palm"
  • Network connection to the Unipass controller
  • Built-in Mifare / DESFire RFID card reader
  • PoE
  • Scanning distance - 40-100 mm
  • Recognition speed - less than a second
  • Ingress protection IP65
  • Installation on a plane without drilling a socket.

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