Contactless palm vein reader PALMJET
The PALMJET scanner is the first innovative complex solution for contactless identification via palm veins.

PALMJET scans the pattern of palm veins and successfully recognizes a person even with a dirty hand, a hand with cuts, calluses, burns or strips of plaster. PALMJET is perfectly protected against forgery - it cannot be fooled with a silicone dummy or photograph.

  • Dimensions 96x96x56 mm.
  • Modes of operation: "palm", "card + palm".
  • Network connection to the Unipass controller.
  • Built-in reader for RFID cards of Mifare / DESFire format.
  • PoE.
  • Scanning distance 40-100 mm.
  • Recognition speed less than a second.
  • Ingress protection IP65.

The reader is installed in a hole for a standard socket with a diameter of 68 mm and a depth of 45 mm in both hollow and monolithic walls. You do not need to install the socket itself.

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