Expansion Module MOBI STAFF (BioSmart Studio mobile application)

The BioSmart Studio mobile application is designed to create marks (events) about the entry/exit of employees.
Marks created in the BioSmart Studio mobile application are used in the unified BioSmart time tracking system along with marks from conventional controllers.


Creating marks using a smartphone
To create marks, no other equipment is required, except for a smartphone with a mobile application.

Geolocation control
Creation of marks is allowed only near the virtual checkpoints added in the Biosmart-Studio software. Сheckpoint coordinates and radius are set in the Biosmart-Studio software.

Face biometric verification
Face verification can be used to confirm the identity of an employee. Verification is carried out using a photo from a smartphone (selfie) when creating a mark.

Using server time, taking into account the time zone of the virtual checkpoint
In whatever city the virtual checkpoint is located, marks are always created according to local time. An accidental failure or intentional change of time on a smartphone will not lead to errors when recording working time.

Saving the history of marks
The history of employee marks at virtual checkpoints is always available in the application.