The SMARTKEY reader is designed to read the identifier codes and transfer them to the BioSmart Prox-E (BioSmart Prox-E-EX) controller or another controller that supports communication via Wiegand or RS-485 (OSDP) interface.

Technical Specifications:

  • Сommunication interface with controllers: RS-485, Wiegand
  • Supported Wiegand formats: Wiegand 26/32/34/37/40/42/48/64
  • Supported protocols when working via the RS-485 interface: OSDP, Special protocol for BioSmart Prox-E
  • Data transfer rate when working with the BioSmart Prox-E controller: 115200 bit/s
  • Indication: Bicolor LED and buzzer
  • Indication control way: By internal program or external device
  • Power supply: DC 12 V 0.14 A
  • Housing material: Plastic
  • Dimensions, mm: 120 x 56 x 18
  • Net weight: 135 g
  • Gross weight: 218 g
  • Operating temperature range: From -40 °С to +50 °С
  • Relative humidity at a temperature of 25 °C: Up to 70%