BioSmart Mini-O

BioSmart Mini-O optical fingerprint reader is designed for organizing access control systems and time attendance systems.

The device works in tandem with the BioSmart Prox-E and BioSmart Prox-E-EX controllers: the reader recognizes a person by a papillary pattern or a plastic RFID card and transmits information to the controller via RS-485 protocol.

The matrix of the BioSmart Mini-O optical scanner is protected by a durable anti-vandal coating. Minor damage to the coating does not affect the recognition quality.

Supported RFID Card Formats: EM-Marine, Mifare, HID iClass, Legic
Controller communication interface: RS-485
Relative air humidity (at 25 °С) no more than 70%
Temperature range: 0 to +50 °C.