BioSmart 5M-O

Biometric controller BioSmart 5M-O is intended for organizing access control and accounting of working hours. The device identifies a person by a fingerprint or a plastic RFID card.

Fingerprint scanner type — optical. The scanner matrix is protected by a durable anti-vandal coating.
Supported RFID card formats: EM-Marine, Mifare, Legic.
Temperature range: 0 to +50 ° C.
Built-in interfaces: Ethernet (IEEE 802.3u), Wiegand Out 26/32
Onboard relay with normally open contacts (12 VDC 1 A).
Indication: LED indicator and audible buzzer
Power supply: 12V, 0.25A
Relative air humidity (at 25 °С) no more than 70%
Maximum number of fingerprints stored on the controller: 1000
Maximum number of RFID tags stored on the controller: 1000
Maximum number of events stored on the controller: 25,000
Identification time 1: 1000 in local mode: no more than 1 sec
Probability of granting erroneous access (FAR): 10^-4 – 10^-8
Discrete input for connecting a sensor or button