BioSmart DCR-PV

The BioSmart DCR-PV reader is designed to scan the subcutaneous palm veins of users and transfer the received data to a computer.
The palm vein pattern obtained with the reader can be used to create biometric vein templates used for identification on BioSmart PV-WTC terminals and BioSmart PV-WM readers.

Technical Specifications:

  • Biometric scanner type: Optical, infrared
  • PC communication interface: USB 2.0
  • USB cable length: 1 m
  • Power supply: DC 5 V 0.5 A
  • Housing material: Plastic
  • Dimensions, mm: 174 х 131 х 110
  • Net weight: 303 g
  • Gross weight: 648 g
  • Operating temperature range: From 0 to +50 °С
  • Relative humidity at a temperature of 25 °C: Up to 70 %