BioSmart PV-WTC
The Biosmart PV-WTC terminal is designed for organizing access control and accounting of working time according to the unique biometric features of the structure of the veins of the human palms and / or cards of various formats.
Identification up to 20,000 palms (1: N)
Identification modes: stand-alone, remote server.
Identification time in local mode 1: 1000, less than 2 sec.
Maximum number of events: up to 10 million
Built-in card reader formats: EM-Marine (EM), Mifare (MF), multi-format (MU).
Built-in interfaces: Ethernet, Wiegand out, USB, RS-485, discrete input for connecting a sensor or button. Support for work with BUR BioSmart.
Onboard relay with normally open contacts (DC 12V 1A). Possibility of connecting an electromechanical lock directly to the terminal or via BUR BioSmart. Electromagnetic lock connection - only through BUR BioSmart.
3.5 'screen, touch keyboard.
Degree of protection against ingress of dust and moisture inside the case: IP65.
Power supply: 12V, 1A / PoE.
Temperature range: 0 to +50 ° C.