Copy: BioSmart Quasar

A complex solution for face geometry identification in ACS and time attendance systems.
Optical system: 5MP RGB color camera, 1MP infrared camera, depth camera, 3D IR projector with anti-spoofing point cloud. The terminal operates in complete darkness or in bright sunlight.
Advanced anti-spoofing technology: the terminal is resistant to tampering attempts using color photos or videos.
Supports various modes of passage with identification by face and additional identifiers by cards or digital code, QR code.
Identification of up to 10,000 users (1: N), verification of up to 100,000 users (1: 1)
Identification modes: stand-alone, remote server
Identification time in local mode 1: 5000 face templates less than 1 sec
Offline event log up to 10 million entries
Maximum number of users: 100,000, each user can be assigned a card, QR code
Hardware platform: 6-core ARM processor, 16 GB flash drive, 2 GB RAM
Built-in card reader EM-Marine (EM), optional Mifare / DESFire, HID iClass, HID Prox (HD).
Built-in integration interfaces: Wiegand, RS-485, USB and relays.
Network interfaces: Wi-fi, Bluetooth, Ethernet.
10 '' Full HD touchscreen, polyphonic sound
Protection against dust and moisture ingress IP65
Temperature range: -10°C to +50 °C (14°F to 122°F)
Power supply: 12V, 1A / PoE

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